Briagolong Bush Band
Individually, members of the band are masters of their instruments.
Together they compliment and enhance the vast repertoire that has been
amassed over the 30 plus years life of the band. Their easy going manner
and ability to interact with the crowd draws everyone into the broad
welcoming world of their music.

Briagolong’s material is drawn from the great range of musical tastes of
the band members and feature songs that are thought provoking,
humorous, deeply moving or just well known. They are at home with large
concerts at festivals, pub gigs, birthday parties, weddings, rollicking bush
dance or any excuse to enjoy yourself. Styles range from original songs
by Garry Rose to Celtic, American, European, contemporary, country,
jazz, blues etc. and feature first-rate singing, masterful lead breaks on the
fiddle or keyboard, accompanied by rich Bass and guitar.

Briagolong Band

are the embodiment of musicians at ease with their music. From the rockiest of driving songs and instrumentals to the gentlest ballads,
the band delivers their music with an obvious love of their craft.
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The Band usually play as a 4 piece but can now feature golden fiddle finalist
Georgia Rose as a 5th player creating a two fiddle lead feature. To fit your
budget they can also perform as a 3 piece.

Over the years they have played many of Australia’s top festivals and
released 9 albums.