COL WILSON; keyboard and accordion player extraordinaire. Col’s musical career started early, writing the
music for his schools’ song. He later attended the conservatorium in Melbourne and taught piano for many

He has played solo at piano bars, been a member of many bands and also backed some of the biggest names
in Australia (Karen Knowles and the Drifters); all with a trademark smile on his face.

Blues, rock, classics and now Celtic provide a fruitful backdrop to feature his great natural flowing style that
impresses everyone.

GARRY ROSE is the founder member and lead singer of the band. He has a passion for singing and is
blessed with a voice that is rich, and has a large range. The love of the songs he sings is always apparent and
he plays Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo and Bouzouki with aplomb.

His musical tastes are broad, early influences of Buddy Holly, Beatles, Bob Dylan are still evident, Celtic,
Country, Trad. Australian Folk, Bluegrass, almost any acoustic style as well as classical music are all
encompassed in his general love of music.

Garry has an easygoing rapport with audiences his storytelling songwriting and poetry, wit and insight have
become a feature of performances. He is also a noted bush dance caller and has created new dances.

As well as playing in the band, Garry facilitates regular community fundraising concerts featuring top Australian
and International acoustic acts at the Briagolong Hotel and Valencia Hall.                                   
ALEX BLACK joined the band in 2009. A gifted improvising fiddler steeped in jazz, rock, and celtic music, he 
breathes new life to songs and tunes old and new. His ability to play many different styles fits perfectly  with
the bands repertoire. The interaction with the other instruments and backing of songs is a hallmark of  his

Alex has played in top bands The Celts, Celtic city sons, Como string Quartet and when not playing with 
Briagolong he is a member of John Schumanns‘ “Vagabond crew”. He has toured internationally, produced CDs 
and is an apple mac guru.
GEORGIA ROSE combines grace and poise, flashing speed, feel and accuracy to wow audiences wherever
she  plays.

At 16 years of age she is already a seasoned performer playing a vast range of styles (Classical, Folk, 
Country, Gypsy, Jazz) with a maturity that belies her years.
Immersed in music from birth and classically trained from the age of 6 she has been winning eisteddfods, 
playing in her father’s bands Briagolong and Two Rose Black at festivals from the age of 10. 

She was a finalist in the 2012 Tamworth Golden Fiddle awards; accompanied Felicity Urquhart (2012 Tamworth 
concert) and leads her school’s Sinfonia.
PETE HOWELL has followed his heart in music since he was at school at Melbourne high in the late 1960s
where he  studied Double Bass and jazz theory.   His professional career reads like a who’s who of Australian
talent  and has taken him around the world.

Through the 1970 he played with Gordon McIntyre, Margaret RoadKnight , Dutch Tilders, Mulga Bills Bicycle 
band and The Bushwackers .

In the 80s with Phil Manning , then guitar making with Ian Noyce ,The Whirling Furphies and in the 90s  joined
Broderick Smith. Played and recorded with Bert Jansch and other international stars like Josh White  Jnr ,
Brownie McGhee, Albert Lee, John McCutcheon

Since the turn of this century he has designed and made his own Double bass with Ian Noyce, played with 
Kelly Auty, the Bluescruisers, Heidi Scheafer band and in 2005 joined the Briagolong Bush Band.

In the 42 years he has appeared on 80 albums.
Briagolong Bush Band